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A People's World: Alternatives to Economic Globalization (Global Issues) Paperback – 1 Sep 2003
by John Madeley (Author)

Providing practical alternatives to economic globalization, this book is based on original interviews with prominent thinkers and campaigners from across the world. The author interviews some of the world's most corageous and innovative campaigners and progressive thinkers on what globalization really is, what's wrong with it and what alternatives are available. This is a book of ideas and practical proposals for a new world that is more just, humane, stable and conducive to the diversity of human cultures. Particular attention is given to regulating transnational corporations; changing the rules by which the WTO seeks to govern the global economy; switching the economic emphasis from the global to the local; and cancelling foreign debt.


About the Author

John Madeley has been a writer and broadcaster specializing in Third World development and environmental issues for almost thirty years. He is the author of a number of books on development questions, including Big Business, Poor Peoples: The Impact of Transnational Corporations on the World's Poor (Zed), Hungry for Trade: How the Poor Pay for Free Trade (Zed) and Food for All: The Need for a New Agriculture (Zed).

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