collateral damage: the psychological consequences of america s war on terrorism

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Collateral Damage: The Psychological Consequences of America's War on Terrorism (Contemporary Psychology (Hardcover))

Paul Kimmel (Editor), Chris E. Stout Ph.D. (Editor)

Color-coded terrorism alerts are issued, then lifted with no explanation. False alarms can, like crying wolf, desensitize people to a real need to be on alert. And that psychic numbing is just one effect discussed in this book by fifteen psychologists teamed up for a critical look at the U.S. war on terrorism. These experts are led by the Chairman of the American Psychological Association task force charged with pinpointing the effect of our anti-terrorism efforts on America's mental health. Together, they present the most up-to-date and intriguing picture we have of the fallout on our own people from our own programs. The text spotlights fueled stereotyping of foreigners, increased domestic hate crimes, fear, depression and helplessness, as well as increasing militancy and belligerence, especially among students. Perhaps most disturbing in the land of the free, our attention is drawn to growing acceptance of restrictions on our personal freedoms, and acceptance of human rights violations.

Contributors to this collection aim to give us a reality check, looking at what our national reactions to terrorism have been, how those reactions have affected the psyche of our people and whether this has made us stronger or weaker, and more or less likely to be the target for future attacks.

About the Author

Paul R. Kimmel is Chair of the American Psychological Association's Task Force on the Psychological Effects of Efforts to Prevent Terrorism. He is past President of Psychologists for Social Responsibility, and an Adjunct Faculty member at the Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center.

Chris E. Stout is Series Editor for the Praeger series, Contemporary Psychology. Stout is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Clinical Full Professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry. He served as NGO Special Representative to the United Nations and is a Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiatives. He has published some 300 papers and 30 books and manuals on psychology and his works have been translated into six languages

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