politics on trial; five famous trials of the 20th century - william kunstler

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Politics on Trial

William Kunstler (Author), Michael Ratner (Introduction)


William Kunstler, the most celebrated defense lawyer of his time, reflects on five famous cases in which ordinary citizens were targeted for their political views or the color of their skin, including Sacco and Vanzetti (Italian immigrants accused of murder), and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (communists executed for espionage). Kunstler also considers legal challenges to compulsory prayers in schools and the ban on teaching evolution. The Introduction by Michael Ratner highlights current threats to political rights.


"As long as someone controls your history, the truth shall remain just a mystery."—Ben Harper

Radical History is a new series from Ocean Press seeking to restore our collective memory of events, struggles and people erased from conventional (and conservative) histories and media. These mini-anthologies include eyewitness accounts and historic, forgotten or ignored documents as well as new essays, chronologies and further reading suggestions. This series is designed to appeal to a new generation of political activists.


About the Author

William Kunstler was the most famous radical lawyer of his time, representing among many, the Chicago Seven, the Attica prisoners, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X. He died in 1995.

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