system in crisis; the dynamics of free market capitalism - james petras, henry veltmeyer

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System in Crisis: The Dynamics of Free Market Capitalism

James Petras (Author), Henry Veltmeyer (Author)

Mounting hostility to the hegemony of the United States - as dramatically highlighted by September 11, but existing in far wider circles than simply the Muslim world; stock markets around the world falling to unanticipated lows; environmental destruction, as shown by the failure of the Johannesburg Summit in August 2002, continuing unchecked; and sluggish economic growth, unprecedented income inequality, and ever larger numbers of desperately poor people: something fundamental, these authors argue, is wrong. Globalization - a mere euphemism for capitalism in its current global, imperialist projection -- is a system in crisis. This book explores the dimensions of this crisis as the United States tries to impose itself on the world under the guise of its war on terrorism, and the economic, ecological and political manifestations of that crisis. James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer proceed in the second part of their book to show how resistance to capitalist globalization is being organized among very diverse social sectors - rural peasants, indigenous peoples, the unemployed in the Third World, and even amongst urban, middle class elements in the wealthy countries of the North. They conclude their analysis by assessing the possibilities for unifying the diverse forces of opposition to neoliberalism, capitalism and imperialism - and the prospects for an alternative, more human, socialist form of development. Up-to-date, radical, comprehensive and optimistic, here is a book for those who wish to understand the times we are going through.


About the Author

James Petras: Professor of Sociology, Binghamton University, New York. Author of over 30 books on Latin American and world affairs, including Poverty and Democracy in Chile (1994, 1997); Neoliberalism and Class Conflict in Latin America (1997); The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000); and Ascensao da Hegemonia dos Estados Unidos no Nova Milenio (2000).

Henry Veltmeyer: Professor of Sociology and International Studies, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and adjunct professor of Political Science, Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, Mexico. Author of numerous scholarly articles and books on Canadian political economy and Latin American development, including Canadian Corporate Power (1987); Neoliberalism and Class Conflict in Latin America (1997); The Labyrinth of Latin American Development (1999); and Capital Global y el desarrollo alternativo (Zacatecas, UAZ/Unesco).

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