why unions matter - michael d. yates

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Why Unions Matter - Michael D. Yates


"A comprehensive, readable introduction to the history, structure, functioning, and yes, the problems of U.S. unions. For labor and political activists just coming on the scene or veterans looking for that missing overview, this is the best place to start."

--Kim Moody, author of Workers in a Lean World

Using anecdotes, historical sketches, statistical charts and accessible analysis, Yates makes a case for the value of unions to workers' lives. Explaining the nuts and bolts of collective bargaining, he shows how unions are indispensable in the defence of workers' rights, economic security and the sense of dignity. Further, the author demonstrates how labour can become more effective. He outlines the most effective organizing strategies and he connects the decline in popularity and influence of the AFL-CIO to its accommodation to the federal government's aggressive anti-union moves under Reagan and Bush. As labour begins to stir, invigorated by a new generation of leadership and the success of the nationwide UPS strike, new challenges are rising. This overview explains the options for labour and their possible consequences. He prescribes a turn to a much tougher approach to organizing and arbitration, urges labour to unite with progressive social movements, from civil rights to arbitration, and calls for a rejection of the traditional backing from the Democratic Party, in favour of independent labour politics.

From Library Journal

Yates, an economics professor and labor educator whose earlier books focused on workers legal rights (Power on the Job, South End, 1994), here seeks to cover a much broader canvas: how labor unions work, the victories they have won on the battlefields of sexism and racism, and an argument for unions as the sole means by which working people can obtain dignity, equity, and power. Written in a personal, anecdotal style, yet well documented, this book is particularly successful in the chapters that focus on the nuts and bolts of union activities (collective bargaining, structures, organizing), an area largely ignored by current business and political literature. For this reason alone it is a valuable addition to large public and academic libraries.Donna L. Schulman, Cornell Univ. Libs., Ithaca, NY
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About the Author

Michael D. Yates is Associate Editor of Monthly Review and the author of Why Unions Matter and The ABCs of the Economic Crisis (with Fred Magdoff).


Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Monthly Review Press; 2nd New, Revised, Updated ed. edition (December 1, 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0853459290
ISBN-13: 978-0853459293

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